The great British cup of tea - a subject that has been debated down the years, George Orwell wrote A Nice Cup of Tea in 1946 with his eleven rules. Cups of tea feature in the Douglas Adam's classic book Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy, the Brownian motion was used to manufacture the Infinite Improbability Drive that powers the Starship Heart of Gold. But what are today's scientific rules of engagement for the perfect cup of tea?

Such an important question has not escaped the attention of Cambridge Consultants who applied their not inconsiderable scientific, engineering and design expertise to create the tea machine. With control over time, temperature and agitation the tea machine could be programmed to deliver the perfect cuppa time after time.

The resulting brew, I have to say is much more successful than the Nutrimatic drinks dispenser in the Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy which Arthur Dent describes as ‘almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea’.


The great British cup of tea

The tea machine has gone on to play a staring role in the BBC’s iWonder program when materials scientist Prof Mark Miodownik sets out to answer that question “What's the formula for a perfect cup of tea?”. With the help of Cambridge Consultants' high tech tea machine he comes up with four top rules.  You can see them here

Cambridge Consultants have not quite cracked the Infinite Improbability Drive yet, but we can make an awfully good cup of tea!


Dave Gladwin
Technical Marketing Specialist

Dave is a physicist by education, an experienced software developer who now specialises in technical marketing for industrial and consumer products.