What do you get when you cross a bunch of free tickets with an open-air street food market? Answer – an engaging social event involving employees that perfectly feeds a corporate culture.

But this was not a joke. We extended our culture of providing employees with a free lunch by sponsoring a ‘food park’ weekend event. We’re proud of our relaxed atmosphere and sense of community that are integral to our company, so there was no better place for us to represent this than at the Cambridge foodPark night market.

It was not just the artisanal burgers, wood-fired pizza, Spanish doughnuts or hand-made ice cream (I’m sure I’ve forgotten half the food that was on offer) that fed into spreading a feel-good factor among our employees. It was the fact that you could mingle amongst friends, listen to a live band, enjoy a drink in the sun and just be a part of the social occasion that was on offer. We might work hard but providing the opportunity to relax and get to know colleagues is just as important in building a company and team that works and performs well together. And performance at a company like ours is key – as top-flight product developers, some of the magic we routinely create is through exceptional people from a range of design and engineering disciplines coming together to solve difficult problems.

By providing employees with free tickets to enjoy a drink and food with friends and family in a social environment, we allowed the food park to do the talking for us.

Perhaps you were there? Maybe you saw our beer mat challenges? Or even managed to snaffle one of our blankets? For us, what started out as wanting to engage with new people in a way that demonstrated what it is like to work for us, ended up being a social event that our existing employees enjoyed just as much. It just goes to show that there is a place for a hand-made burger in building a corporate culture.

Simon Aucott

Simon is the Digital Marketing Manager at Cambridge Consultants.