In this talk, we explore some of the challenges and opportunities inherent to the adoption of remote monitoring, AI and wearables. We draw on our experience to demonstrate how the digital transformation of trials is possible with a collaborative approach between engineering, healthcare bodies and the pharmaceutical industry.

The future of patient monitoring

Within months, thanks to the Internet of Things, we will have an estimated 646 million connected medical devices generating healthcare data and sending it to the cloud along with rich, contextual mobile human data from wearables. When setting up new clinical trials, we have the opportunity to combine all this data with advanced AI tools to help us design better trials. This will give us better understanding of outcomes and maximize the likelihood of clinical and commercial success.

Jaquie Finn
Head of Digital Health

Jaquie is Head of Digital Health at Cambridge Consultants. She leads the initiative to support clients  looking to transition their healthcare business model to include digital product and service-led innovation.