The world’s most innovative companies do not have the largest R&D teams. Instead they take a smart, flexible approach that combines their in-house capabilities with a wide range of external resources to tackle differing innovation challenges.

Multi-modal R&D as an agent of change

We call this multi-modal R&D. It focuses on working in a structured way with a variety of R&D sources. This not only increases the diversity of innovation inputs but enables companies to get those ideas to market much faster.

In my video, I introduce the multi-modal R&D concept. And crucially, I highlight three key ways to succeed with the approach. They are founded on our decades-long experience in collaborating with the world’s most innovative companies.

If you’d like to discuss the benefits of multi-modal R&D – or other ideas to enhance your innovation capabilities – please don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

AJ Van Bochoven
Head of Strategic Innovation

As Head of Strategic Innovation, AJ brings more than 20 years experience in technology consultancy, specialising in R&D management and technology commercialisation projects.