The ‘meeting of minds’ convened by in Cape Cod last October was a rare opportunity for practitioners and industry leaders to come together as one to forge a coherent vision for the future of ophthalmology. You can discover more about this unique workshop and our subsequent report, ‘Towards 2040 – a vision for the future of ophthalmology’ here. Among the participants were three renowned leaders in their respective fields, Professor Robert MacLaren, Elizabeth Yeu MD and Grayson Armstrong MD. In the interviews below, they share their expert insights and their aspirations for the future.

Professor Robert MacLaren

Robert MacLaren is Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Oxford and a revered consultant. In the video, he explores transformative digital solutions, and the potential barriers on the pathway to change. Robert also reveals that the workshop inspired him to perhaps rethink some aspects of his own research.

Dr Elizabeth Yeu

Elizabeth Yeu is a Cornea & Cataract Surgeon, Board Member and Advisor. Here, she shares her excitement at the prospect of applying new efficiencies and processes – and collaborating to ensure that artificial intelligence, surgical processes, robotics, deep machine learning and better instrumentation brings about positive change.

Grayson Armstrong, MD

Grayson Armstrong is Ophthalmologist & Medical Director, MGH, Ophthalmic Emergency Services. In the video, he looks ahead to new and innovative technologies for patient screening, home-based testing, constant monitoring and much more.


Luis Diaz-Santana
Head of Ophthalmology

With close to 25 years of experience in the development of ophthalmic instrumentation, Luis leads our ophthalmology innovation team and its commercial strategy.

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