No, we haven't set up an office here in Las Vegas... we are at CES 2018, just setting up in the stand. And although we are mostly here to see new and existing clients, I wouldn't be at all surprised if we run into the next member of our growing team here. 

One of the things that happens every year at CES is that you bump into people who live just up the road - in my case up the road in Cambridge, UK - but who you see, once a year, when your paths cross at CES, it's like the Cambridge Cluster on tour here. The Consumer Electronics and silicon companies have always been very present at CES, of course, but increasingly there are people from consumer goods, pharma, agritech, biotech and in fact any industry which is looking either to understand technology trends or to transfer technology from one market to another. That's one of the fun things about CES - it's the only trade show of the year that involves people from all geographies and all industries from across the whole of CC and Synapse. 

As it happens, my team in the UK are looking for a Business Development lead for the Consumer Electronics sector. So if you are an ambitious Cambridge-based person thinking you'd like to do something more exciting with your career in 2018, come and see the variety of things we do and how you can make a difference. We are upstairs at the Sands at booth number #44137.


Duncan Smith
Head of North America