Event | Total Telecom Congress 2020

  • Martin Cookson, Director of Service Innovation, Cambridge Consultants
  • Sinem Yuksel, CX Director, Turkcell
  • Fabian Metz, Head of Business Development, Solvatio AG
  • Marwan Chanawani, CSO, Whalebone
  • Roland da Silva, Strategy Advisor (moderator)

The real power of 5G

The virtual Total Telecom Congress 2020 brought together global business leaders to discuss the key strategic and technological issues facing the communications industry as it positions itself to transform consumer and industrial markets.

The average number of years a consumer is with a single brand is decreasing year-on-year. How do you address this? In this panel, industry experts discuss the importance of research such as Voice of the Customer (VoC), and investing in customer and employee experiences.

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Martin Cookson
Martin Cookson
Director of Service Innovation

Martin works with clients to help realise their ambition in developing digital services encompassing AI, UX, cloud computing and network native. He has 30+ years experience working in innovation with international clients and applying new technologies to bring new services live.