CBRS will see many new organizations become their own connectivity providers, enabling new solutions and business models that create huge value. But where do you start?   

During this webinar, we provide a practical guide for CBRS spectrum holders, vendors and end-users looking to deploy private cellular networks for business transformation.

Expert panelists outline:   

  • How to fund a CBRS network
  • How to build a CBRS network, including equipment and addressing skills gaps
  • How to manage the network

They also share real-world experience of building private networks for a range of applications, helping to shorten the time to market for ambitions businesses looking to capitalize on the opportunity.

This includes fully automated robotic systems for manufacturing, warehousing and industrial control, alongside critical infrastructure monitoring utilities.


  • Jacob Reeb, VP of Wireless and Digital Services, Cambridge Consultants
  • Rod Nelson, CEO, Geoverse
  • Scott F. Young, Esq., COO, Sentry Financial 
  • Colin Campbell, VP Engineering, Cambridge Consultants 

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Jacob Reeb Cambridge Consultants
Jacob Reeb
VP of Wireless and Digital Services

Jacob works with ambitious organizations to help realize their innovation initiatives, providing strategic guidance and creating breakthrough technology to secure competitive advantage. Jacob has held a range of leadership roles during 15 years at the bleeding edge of IoT and digital transformation, including at Accenture, Digi International and Arity. He holds deep technical knowledge in the major pillars of connected ecosystems. In working at Cambridge Consultants, he represents one of the largest independent wireless engineering teams in the world.

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