Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is the fastest growing technology segment in the automotive market and paving the way for self-driving vehicles. AI is one of the most critical components in ADAS, vastly outperforming traditional software techniques in real-time perception, prediction and decision-making.

As future ADAS tackle more complex scenarios, more advanced AI will be required. However, the current approach to semi-autonomous ADAS architecture makes it prohibitively expensive for vehicles in the mid-range to adopt.

In this webinar we shared in-depth insights from our recent commercial work in this area and explored:

  • The commercial and technological challenges to wider ADAS adoption
  • How recent advances in deep learning are radically enhancing ADAS
  • Emerging techniques in ultra-low power and ultra-low cost compute at the edge
  • Strategies to deliver semi-autonomous ADAS into the mid-range vehicle segment


  • Oli Qirko, Head of Industrial, Consumer & Energy, Cambridge Consultants
  • Thomas Carmody, Head of Transport and Infrastructure, Cambridge Consultants

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Thomas Carmody
Head of Transport & Infrastructure

Thomas works with automotive manufacturers and technology providers to develop transformative products and services, leveraging the company’s unique combination of world-leading expertise in silicon, sensing, connectivity, AI.