The medical implant industry is set to grow from $5bn in 2017 to $16.3bn by 2022. But there are tensions to understand and hurdles to overcome for innovators intent on taking advantage. Patients will welcome more convenience and control, but doctors are likely to resist the implicit loss of power. The payers – already warming to MHealth – are pivotal. The economic pressure for more patient-centred preventive care is likely to drive them towards the patient’s viewpoint.

In this webinar, we reveal how device developers will need to manoeuvre through conservative, highly regulated, monopolistic yet fragmented healthcare systems that often provide contradictory incentives. Our experts address some of crucial considerations for companies investing in implant research and development:

  • The current focus of smart implants and what the future looks like
  • How the industry is preparing for change plus what’s holding us back 
  • What to consider if you’re developing devices for the future


  • Arun Venkat - Director, Global Head of Smart Implants
  • Gavin Troughton - Commercial Director, Global Medical Technology
  • John Genova - Senior Vice President, Global Medical Technology

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Arun Venkat
Director, Global Head of Smart Implants