Our new report provides a recipe for responsible governance of Artificial Intelligence (AI), aimed at combatting fears that deep learning and machine learning are an all-encompassing force taking over industry, society and politics.

We believe that telecommunications will be an AI pioneer. Already highly digitised, the scale and scope of telecommunications data provides a huge opportunity for machines to continuously learn and improve – laying the perfect infrastructure for mass AI to take off. We forecast the growing complexity of communications networks and their dependence on AI-powered autonomous infrastructure.

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Paul Beastall
Director and Head of Strategy

As our Head of Strategy, Paul works with clients across consumer, industrial, government and communications sectors. He has worked in government, start-ups and major corporations, typically at the interface between engineering and commercial functions. His key interest is in the impact of new technologies on the way we live our lives and build new businesses. He strongly believes that the test for innovation is the combination of real impact with technological advancement.