New architectures like chiplets could herald real disruption for the consumer sector, enabling the next wave of affordable, faster-to-market device and digital services development. Our whitepaper provides an essential overview of the technical and commercial considerations for these architectures and explores the transformational opportunities they can unlock.

From beauty and personal care personalization to food and beverage innovation and beyond, the architectures have the potential to bring IoT intelligence and connectivity to physical products like never before.

The paper reveals how chiplets can remove the barriers to both innovation and implementation. Unlike traditional monolithic approaches, they disaggregate functions into modular building blocks that often support a single or small set of functionalities, meaning they can be manufactured flexibly and at very low cost.

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Ruth Thomson
SVP, Global Consumer Business

Ruth works with consumer brands across multiple market sectors including beverages, beauty, consumer healthcare and entertainment. Her focus is creating consumer delight and engagement through the integration of innovative technology, bringing significant business transformation for her clients.