After landing my dream engineering job at Cambridge Consultants, a few months later another amazing career opportunity presented itself – relocation to Boston, MA.

I have been an electronic engineer for over 12 years having started my career all bright eyed, with Boeing Defence Australia, where I fondly recall doing my first System Engineering course. This was delivered by more senior engineers from our Brisbane office, where they told stories of working in faraway places: the middle east, the US and the UK … all sounding exciting and inspirational, yet so far away …

Some years later my wife and I were happily settled in Cambridge, UK, when I read an article in our internal magazine and noticed an opening for a Principal Electronic Engineer in our US office; it struck me, wow, this is looking for a me, I rarely come across opportunities like this.

This posed a serious dilemma for me, we had recently purchased a house, my wife was settled in her job, and I was really getting into my work. After having worked in a variety of places within different industries, the one thing that struck me with Cambridge Consultants was empowerment: empowerment to do my job, empowerment to challenge myself, and empowerment to carve out my own career. This feeling of empowerment combined with changing and interesting projects is what my previous roles lacked, and the thing about doing what I love, and feeling empowered to get on with my job is, it doesn’t really feel like work.

Cambridge Consultants was providing me with fantastic work opportunities to work closely with business developers in bringing in new opportunities, managing my own projects, projects which I helped sell, and now working as a technical authority, leading a team of my peers. Each day presenting new career opportunities, all the while working with some of the brightest and most talented engineers the UK has to offer. Not to mention the active social side of things at Cambridge Consultants, joining do’s, cake clubs, social outings, and my favourite, a good number of cyclists! So what do to?

Well there is a saying that opportunity only knocks once, and opportunity was knocking on my door, so I figured I owed it to myself to investigate. The thing with Cambridge Consultants is things can happen very quickly, a few chats with Alan, our CEO, a visit to the office, and the next thing I was boarding a plane with one way ticket across the Atlantic, to come and head up the electronics team in our new office.

Now I get to work in a exciting new office environment, with some of the most talented people I have met, ride my bike every day and live in one of America’s best cities. What more does an engineer need?

Sasha Smiljanic