A team of young Engineers wins the FIRST LEGO League UK, the future faces of robotics

It was great to hear on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this morning that a team of young engineers from Royston and Cambridge had won a FIRST LEGO League UK robot building competition. The team of six friends aged between nine and 16 called B6 Berrellium had to build an autonomous robot that had to successfully complete a series of missions. The FIRST LEGO League is run by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and is aimed at encouraging an interest in solving real world technical problems.

The story caught my attention on many levels; firstly it immediately took me back to my youth playing with Lego and building cars and spaceships (of course), and was probably responsible for my lifelong passion for science and engineering. The reason I'm sitting here today at Cambridge Consultants can be traced back to that early interest. I'm also a member of the IET so it goes without saying that decades later that passion for science and engineering is still strong. And of course it's great that a local team of young engineers has won this UK challenge and will go on to compete in America against international competition.

Today I work with an amazing group of very, very smart people who routinely go about solving the impossible and redefining the possible. Just this week we recorded a video interview with Chris Robert, Head of Industrial Robotics about his insights into the future of robotics, and I wonder if any of these young engineers will join our team in a few years and be at the forefront of the next wave of robotics engineers. We've created robots that can pick up and sort fruit, can target and spray crops or can help surgeons perform eye surgery, and worked with Ocado on their warehouse automation project. The current generation of robotics projects are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, so where will we be in ten years' time?

So congratulation to team B6 Berrellium, good luck with your international competition and above all, keep that passion alive and perhaps we'll be seeing you at Cambridge Consultants in a few years' time.

David Gladwin

Dave is a physicist by education, an experienced software developer who now specialises in technical marketing for industrial and consumer products.