Our expertise in physics, chemistry and materials science underpins everything we do.

Fundamental principles

Our knowledge of the structure and properties of different materials is used extensively in a variety of applications, from remotely monitoring tons of mining slurry to working with security inks on a molecular scale.

In particular, our fluidics and microfluidics expertise is crucial to many projects, from dispensing the perfect pint of beer to shaping the precise characteristics of sprays, foams and emulsions of all kinds. 

Key strengths

Micro-structural control in fluids
We understand the intricate behaviours of fluids and their interaction with physical surfaces, a vital factor in many of our beverage projects.
Structure-property relationships
Our knowledge of materials science ensures that all elements of a system’s design use the most appropriate materials.
Thermal properties
We’re particularly experienced in phase change materials and the handling of hot and cold fluids for beverage systems.

Tech, tools & facilities


Physical science labs

A range of wet and dry labs which allow us to perform a wide range of physical science research and development. Specific equipment includes wet and dry benches, fume hoods, malvern mastersizer particle analysis system and UV-VIS spectrometer.


Agilent GC-MS

Our Agilent Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer enables detection and chemical analysis of a wide range of organic substances down to parts-per-million levels or below. This highly specialised piece of analytical equipment allows us to determine the make-up of a very wide range of organic materials in solid, liquid or vapour form and investigate flavour and aroma chemistry.




Food & beverage lab

Food & beverage lab

Specifically set up to meet the unique requirements of developing food- and beverage-safe systems, our dedicated lab means we have the necessary procedures and equipment in place to design and test new products in-house. Quantitative and scientific testing is fundamental to our science-led innovation approach, but ultimately taste tests are always needed. This is our only lab where the consumption of food and drink is not just allowed but essential!

News & insights

Press release

ケンブリッジコンサルタンツとExact Imagingが前立腺ガンの検出にAIを活用

7th November 2018

画期的なイノベーションを専門とするケンブリッジコンサルタンツは、マイクロ超音波プラットフォームExactVuTMを作ったExact Imagingと提携しました。

Carbon Sequestration

気候変動を修正するもう一つの方法 ~ 競争優位性を得る

3rd December 2019

サステナビリティの取り組みの一環として、カーボンプライシングや炭素税における世界的な取り決めを進化させることの重要性と、皆様への影響について探求してきましたが、より新しい視点に辿りつきました。新しいNet ゼロ目標を達成するための政策変更により、メーカーやサービス企業がCO2隔離を新たな収益源とすることが、皆様が思っているよりも早く可能になります。世界のCO2削減は長期的な目標ですが、ビジネスチャンスは既に広がりつつあります。

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Press release


7th November 2018

消費者の環境保護への意識がますます高まる中、画期的なイノベーションを専門とするケンブリッジコンサルタンツは、使い捨てラップへの依存度を下げ、食物廃棄を削減するため、英国に拠点を置くスタートアップ企業BeeBee Wrapsと提携したことを本日発表しました。

Press release

AquaML - AIを利用した水道使用量の分析

9th July 2018


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