Location and tracking systems play a vital role in safeguarding workers, securing valuables, increasing efficiency and gaining valuable business intelligence.

We have the expertise to overcome any location and tracking challenge, from meeting low power or cost requirements to delivering high accuracy and reliability in cluttered and noisy environments.

Our specialisms

Knowing where people are can be critically important for both safety and operational efficiency. We combine the full range of tracking technologies with robust back-end system design.
We can design bespoke systems to monitor vulnerable or expensive items and track assets, from the production line to the shop floor and throughout the logistics chain.
Accurate location tracking is critical for air traffic control or when transporting valuable or dangerous cargo by road. We excel at delivering reliable tracking in challenging environments.

Sensing & algorithms

Tracking and location systems depend on two key elements: sensing technology to measure location and motion; and statistical algorithms to make sense of these often noisy and disparate measurements.

With deep expertise in both disciplines, we’re not tied to any particular technology. Using a systematic, scientific approach, we develop innovative solutions to meet the specific requirements of the situation in hand.

Indoor location tracking

We have achieved a significant breakthrough for indoor location tracking using the tiny, low-cost inertial sensors found in smartphones, coupled with ingenious data fusion algorithms.

Our infrastructure-free system can track an individual’s location without GPS or RF signals – ideal for many applications, from finding firefighters inside a burning building to tracking consumers in a shopping centre.


Our experience ranges from developing critical air traffic control and defence systems to work in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Our 20-strong tracking and location team, based in both our Cambridge, UK and Boston, MA offices, is supported by our world-class expertise in allied disciplines, from machine vision to radar engineering.

Today, we’re exploiting the ubiquity of connected devices to develop innovative location systems, through Bluetooth radio propagation and the algorithms that power high volumes of low-accuracy measurements.

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2020年 05月 15日


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2019年 03月 11日



大きく考える: Ocadoに習う

2018年 05月 25日


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Paul BeastallがUK5G諮問委員会の委員に任命

2018年 05月 11日

ケンブリッジコンサルタンツの技術戦略部門ディレクターPaul BeastallがUK5Gの諮問委員会の委員に任命されました。UK5Gは、英国のデジタル・文化・メディア・スポーツ省(DCMS)が支援および出資する機関で、世界規模の研究拠点、テクノロジープロバイダー、投資機関、規制当局、次世代コネクティビティの恩恵をまだ受けていない垂直産業パートナーなど、5Gエコシステムの組織が集結します。

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