Our exceptional blend of technical depth, clinical insight and commercial expertise allows us to develop medical platforms that go beyond traditional boundaries.

From implanted Class III devices to critical systems, we deliver systems that excel in real-world clinical environments – while managing development risk and meeting your timescales. The result is better outcomes for both patients and our clients.

Surgical robotics, navigation and visualisation   

Working at the forefront of surgical system development, our specialist teams can help you develop the next generation of robotics.

We help clients address challenges such as automation, surgical navigation, real-time sensing and visualisation, developing technologies critical to the success of your next surgical platform. 

Smart implants   

We are revolutionising the next generation of smart, highly miniaturised and connected implants.

Our novel work in implanted antennas, wireless power technology and miniaturised electronics is combined with advanced AI, edge computing, ultra-low power telemetry and digital ecosystem design. This enables whole new therapeutic areas.

From neuromodulation and CRM to audiology and epilepsy, our world-class expertise produces implants that sit at the heart of our clients’ digital care ecosystems. 

Acute care

From dialysis, ventilation and anaesthesia delivery to wireless monitoring and wearables, we bring breakthrough technologies to critical care companies around the world.

With our experience in safety-critical devices, sensors, digital services, usability and clinical workflow, we are leading the way in the development of game-changing life-sustaining and monitoring devices.  

Digital ecosystems   

Medical devices are no longer isolated systems and need to be connected and integrated into digital workflows.

This connectivity is now sitting at the heart of many medical platforms we develop, collecting patient specific data to perform real-time analysis. Edge computing is then used to inform and guide therapy at the point of care.   

We can help you at every stage of the technology development lifecycle and take your idea from concept to launch.   

How we work

With a long track record of success in surgical and safety critical device development, we are not afraid to stretch ourselves to deliver our client’s most ambitious visions. We do it while balancing the many competing factors that influence clinical utility, performance, cost and time to market.

Our highly specialised, multi-disciplinary medical device teams have developed some of the most complex safety critical systems soon to be in clinical use. Delivering digital systems as well as physical ones, we complement our clients’ skills and provide solutions using integrated processes that are proven to speed up development and deliver regulatory compliance.

We have deep expertise in anatomy, procedure, clinical workflow and condition management combined with a thorough understanding of the broad medical device industry. This ensures not only technical feasibility but also clinical relevance and – ultimately – commercial success.

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Tech, tools & facilities





Anechoic chambers & body phantoms

Our three anechoic chambers with proprietary tissue modelling systems and body phantoms mean we possess world-class infrastructure for the testing and optimisation of implanted telemetry, sensing and wireless power delivery systems.




Analytical laboratories

Analytical labs

Our laboratories provide high accuracy measurement and analysis for the wide range of projects we undertake. Specialist equipment includes a gas chromatography mass spectrometer (GCMS), a Matersizer particle size analyser, a Spraytec laser diffraction droplet size analyser, high-speed and thermal imaging cameras and rapid-development custom image analysis software.




Digital Greenhouse

Digital Greenhouse

The Digital Greenhouse is our purpose-built AI research facility, specifically designed to discover, develop and test machine learning approaches in a fast, secure environment. The facility features an NVIDIA DGX-1 Deep Learning Supercomputer, a bank of machine learning computers, petabyte local storage and many teraflops of dedicated compute power.

Life Science Labs

Life science labs

Our suite of restricted Class II laboratories are specifically designed for handling and experimentation of pharmaceuticals, licensed substances, biological hazards and human samples in a controlled and regulated environment. Our instrumentation rooms are equipped with metrology, microscopy and product test equipment for rigorous verification and quality assurance of prototypes and products.

Prototyping workshops


プロトタイプ生産工場(電子基板・メカ)では、アイデアを実現し、製品価値を説得力をもって実証するプロトタイプを生産しています。試作品は、ISO 9001、ISO 13485、およびISO 14001規制に準拠した極めて高い品質基準を維持しています。最新のCNCおよびフライス盤、旋盤、溶接ギア、ワイヤーハーネス、ケーブルアセンブリツールを使用することにより素早くパーツを製造し、検証作業やユーザートライアル用向けに実物大で動作可能なプロトタイプを組み立てることができます。

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News & insights


Our core technology is at the heart of the world’s first FDA-approved fully at-home COVID-19 test

2021年 01月 22日

The rapid, at home COVID-19 antigen test from digital diagnostics company Ellume features core technology from Cambridge Consultants. Read how this FDA approved test is set to be a game-changer in the global pandemic.

  • Bioinnovation
  • Digital health
  • Fluids & thermodynamics
  • Sensing

Flowfect™ Tx Revealed

2020年 10月 28日

Cambridge Consultants & Kytopen announce the initial release of the Flowfect™ Tx System, a breakthrough that will help deliver the full promise of cell therapies to tackle disease.


Digital security: your safest bet for a competitive edge?

2020年 06月 19日

Security is a problem, right? Well there's a radically different way to view it – as a positive force capable of putting clear water between you and your competitors. 

  • Digital security
  • Digital services


2020年 05月 19日


Case studies


UK Government ventilator challenge

Creating Veloci-Vent, a sophisticated emergency ventilator, in six weeks


The Saranas Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System

A world-first for endovascular bleed detection


コンセプト - 超小型手術支援ロボット“AXSIS”



AstraZeneca sample containment system

A rapid response to help speed up vital COVID-19 testing