Did you know that bees can see into the ultraviolet? It helps them home in on flowers. But they can't see red.

Human eyes, on the other hand, see the world in three colours – red, green and blue. Normal digital cameras use the same principle as we do. But if we look at the world in a different way, using different colours, it can reveal details we can't see with the naked eye.

Multispectral imaging enables us to see everything from our pulse to hidden skin damage caused by the sun.


Using off-the-shelf camera technology and integrated algorithms, we created the Skintuition platform technology. It looks at your skin in up to 12 different colours simultaneously, including UV and infra-red – and all using the kind of low-cost camera you find in a smartphone, aided by a ring of LEDs.

By embedding the platform into a commercial product such as a bathroom mirror, Skintuition can gather images of your skin and alert you to changes in its condition through your phone.


Skintuition enables a new generation of truly personalised care products – from cosmetics to sunscreen. But it also has applications far beyond the personal care sector.

At its core, Skintuition is simply an imaging solution that is able to expose substances that are invisible to the naked eye. By making it low-cost, we’ve given it mass-market appeal – opening the door for this type of technology to apply its ‘intuition’ to not just skincare but nearly any other visualisation use case.

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