personalised fragrances

Fragrances are perhaps the most de-personalised personal care item known to mankind.

Why? Well – think about it: For the last 20 years almost half of the turnover of many fragrance houses has been generated during pre-season December time. Now let’s be frank, we all get these special promotions or bizarre smelling after-shaves that end up at the back of the cupboard. For the rest of the year the majority of us face the daunting task of choosing a fragrance by selecting a product out of habit from the one size fits all offerings.

One way to disrupt is by changing the mode of selection and creating a personalised, engaging consumer experience. This just confirms what Moeglin recently noted:

Consumers, particularly Millennials, are coming to expect personalisation as part of the experience as they look for products that reflect their sense of individuality’.

More recently personal care segments like skin care have already been subject to a degree of personalisation blending and delivering formulations at point of dispense. As technology consultants we anticipate a hybrid approach of diagnostics, analytics and bespoke dispense.


Recent additions to the diagnostic toolbox like DNA analysis allow for educated product choices and are already used by first adopter in the personal care industry.


What’s the best product for whom and why? All answered by joining and analysing datasets such as genetic biomarkers, scent profiles of favourite products, and seasonable variation in purchasing history for example.

Customised dispense

Whether in store or at home, blending different scents to create this one very bespoke fragrance creates a complete new and disruptive level of consumer engagement.

And this is just one example of how the fragrance segment could be turned around not to mention lateral opportunities such as customising face cream with your favourite scent. Interested in how bespoke technology can turn your personal care around? Then get in touch with us.

Dr Felix Hellwig

Felix is a senior project engineer interested in how disruptive technologies can create new value chains for our clients.