Elegant solutions to real-world problems

We’re technology enthusiasts, solving problems that really matter to people’s lives. We’re passionate about doing things the right way and finding elegant solutions, with the autonomy to choose the most appropriate platforms, protocols, languages, frameworks and tools for each application.

Our multi-disciplinary teams architect, design and deliver projects ranging from smart implants to global high availability systems and everything in between. We've put software into space and into people's bodies, as well as the more usual places!

And if you’re ready for a challenge, the stakes don’t get much higher – our software is often life-critical.

While our code’s compiling, we share our experiences, have technical and philosophical debates and collaboratively brainstorm around problems. Our leadership teams have technical backgrounds and understand the unique challenges of software development: they’ve been there, done it and got the t-shirt!   

"There's a wonderful variety of work to do."

Luke Avery, Senior Software Engineer  

Deep technical expertise

From assembly to ZeroMQ, device to cloud, and low power computation to full scale GPU-enabled AI/ML/CV – our code is deployed 2km underground up to orbiting satellites.

How we work    

From front-end strategy through to deployment and beyond: discover how we work with our clients throughout the development lifecycle.

Our projects

Sometimes it's the magic; sometimes it's the glue. Software is inside almost everything we make. Read about some of our favourite recent projects.

Latest insights

We’re forward-thinking. Read our insights into the cutting edge of software engineering and technology development.
The opportunity to work with a wide range of technologies and languages, such as C, C++, Python, Erlang, Go and Rust is really exciting. I also get time to learn new languages, like Haskell - it's a really nice way to develop new skills that I can then bring to my work.
Luke Purnell
Embedded Software Engineer