Major personal care, cosmetics, and consumer healthcare brands are always looking for ways to maintain consumer relevance and long-term engagement.

Imagine what your skin would say if it could talk...

The more forward-thinking ones will turn to technology for a deeper understanding of their customers in order to develop more innovative and relevant products, make evidence-based claims, and target marketing even more successfully.

Experiential Sensing is a new concept from Cambridge Consultants to help brands uncover insights and trends never before possible using traditional consumer research methods. Using available sensing technologies, the Experiential Sensing demonstration uses AI principles to collect and quantify biometric, contextual, and product usage information together, creating a data-rich trove of physiological, situational and product performance data, helping brands optimize marketing, better inform new product development, and engage consumers in a more meaningful way.

Watch how Experiential Sensing works and could be developed by the experts at Cambridge Consultants to inspire market growth for your brands.

Eric Cohen
SVP, Consumer Business

A recognized leader in consumer and health technology, Eric has more than 30 years’ experience of developing products that create new consumer experiences using new technologies and healthcare behavior models. His track record in new product innovation and development combined with his first-hand knowledge of patient care and industry-leading patient engagement methods plays a critical role in developing new products and services in the consumer and wellness markets.