Personalization is a huge trend. 

By 2030, you'll have precise, on-demand, solution-oriented products made for you. Tomorrow's consumers, growing up with unlimited information, will expect experiences that are effortlessly personalized, that allow them to live a life that is as unique as they are. In a post-screen, XR future world, physical hardware will have a role as important as AI in making personalization real and tangible. Tech, lifestyle and design will converge to bring personalized experiences to life. 

We’ve teamed up with Holli Pheil from Nike and Guive Balooch from L’Oréal to propose a panel for SXSW that looks into this future. Please vote for us using the links at the end of this article. 

This isn’t future gazing for its own sake – by bringing together innovation leaders from diverse brands that have already combined design and technology to personalize experiences, we will explore how this glimpse of the future informs how to develop experiences now, and how to scale customization to reach millions of people.

In a series of posts over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at the trends in personalisation - the development of the experience for the consumer, the enabling technology behind it, the economic successes and failures across a wide variety of market sectors. Each trend informs a different aspect of how we should approach the development of experiences, products and ecosystems, both now and in a future where sustainability will be as important as personalisation. 

But for now....please vote for our panel using the link below, many thanks!

Duncan Smith
Head of North America