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Systems engineering, verification and qualification, human biology. 

How long have you worked at Cambridge Consultants? 

5 years this August.

What are your individual responsibilities?   

Managing and delivering technically capable systems in the Medical Technology sector in system lead roles. Managing and supporting my group which includes both biologists and biomedical engineers. Supporting sales campaigns in understanding where my group can help with project opportunities.

What are the best parts of your job?   

Working on complex problems within a challenging and fulfilling sector. I have wanted to work in the medical technology sector since long before going to University and I feel very lucky to work in this field, working on products which can actually improve peoples’ lives and learn about the human body at the same time. 

Working every day with engineers and professionals who are at the top of the field. The atmosphere at Cambridge Consultants is one of fun people who love what they do. 

Tell us about some of your achievements.   

I have been involved in the bioinnovation work since my first year at CC when I helped set up the biology laboratory. It makes me happy to walk past the lab and see people working in there, knowing that my work helped make biology possible at CC. 

I was heavily involved in defining the system architecture, writing design descriptions and testing a diagnostic machine which was designed in a compressed timeline. Part of the role was improving how CC uses traceability tools in design and test projects and at the end of the project we delivered not just a great product but also a traceable technical file. 

I am currently on a ventilator project which is an experience of a lifetime. 

What excites you about bioinnovation?   

The possibility of combining biology and engineering has always been exciting to me, from choosing a masters project which involved designing a scaffold for skin tissue engineering, however with rapid developments in massive data handling and other computational tools this feels more and more achieveable. I am excited to see how the field will grow and what novel technologies are developed.