Part of 5G Week, 5G Realised brings together operators and vendors to discuss real applications for 5G across industry, exploring use cases and the demand that is increasingly growing for 5G.

The real power of 5G

Our team of experts from across high performance communications, service innovation and connected devices will be on hand during this virtual event to discuss your 5G and IoT ambitions. 

With over 900 specialists, we hold the world's largest and most advanced independent wireless development teams - our mix of technical expertise and market experience is unique. 

5G Automotive and Smart Transport Realised

Date | 10 September 2020
Time | 11:30
Moderator | Dr Derek Long, Head of Telecoms & Mobile, Cambridge Consultants

Derek will introduce industry experts to discuss the opportunities for 5G in mobility, covering topics such as connected vehicles, fleet and traffic management, enhanced safety, smart video surveillance.

Rural 5G Realised

Date | 10 September 2020
Time | 13:40
Moderator | Dr Derek Long, Head of Telecoms & Mobile, Cambridge Consultants

This session will explore opportunities for 5G in agritech, including autonomous farm vehicles, connecting rural communities, the use of robotics and drones, and more.


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