I was delighted to join industry visionaries Stefan Biel of Beiersdorf and Valentin Langen of Ioniq Skincare to explore the challenges and opportunities for personalization as it gets closer to the consumer.

The purposely provocative title of our webinar – ‘Mass market consumer products are dead – what’s next?’ – set just the right tone for some far-reaching insight and a lively interactive debate moderated by Richard Kestenbaum of Triangle Capital. You can follow the link to catch up with the session, which included a poll to gauge where our audience felt they currently sit on their personalization journey:

47.8% - I'm interested and curious but my company hasn't made any significant investment so far

39.1% - We're working on a pilot system and are building understanding in a section of our business

13 % - We're well underway with initiatives across our business, we've launched programmes and have established service platforms to enable us to scale and deliver

We kicked off by delving into ways of understanding the consumer as an individual and dealing with the reality that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to personalization – pun intended! We also reflected on the fact that it’s important for businesses to figure out an interpretation of the trend that makes sense for their consumers and products. The panel examined the technologies best placed to help understand the consumer as an individual and confronted the issue of personalization versus privacy.

A good part of the session explored ways for organizations – whether a start-up or an established business – to make sense of personalization for their business and their consumers. Crucially, the debate culminated with practical advice about overcoming the barriers and getting started on the road to transformative success.

I hope you enjoy the webinar – I’d love to chat to hear your thoughts to continue the debate. Follow the link below to watch the recording:


ルース トムソン
産業&コンシューマ事業本部 コンシューマ製品部 部長