Ambitious organisations are looking to the skies… setting their sights on new ways to communicate across the planet’s most challenging locations. Advanced satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles will propel those ambitions – and we are uniquely placed to help.

With an unrivalled, world-class track record in satellite, aviation and beyond line of sight drone systems, we are ready to deliver your complex aerospace breakthroughs at rapid pace. Our deeply-rooted expertise in communication, AI and secure systems unlocks commercial potential and opens new horizons of opportunity.

Our specialisms

End-to-end communications systems 

Iridium’s $3b NEXT satellite constellation was the largest technology upgrade ever to take place in space. It was underpinned by our decade-long contribution as core technology partner – and is indicative of our exceptional capabilities in the system design of non-terrestrial communication networks. From such truly global systems to the development of transceivers, gateway systems and service management platforms, our expertise is extensive.

What does this represent for you? A fast track to reliable, high-performance end-to-end communications systems with minimal risk. We can maximise your bandwidth efficiency while reducing costs to meet strict budgets.

Critical control beyond line of sight

We are experts in the design and development of critical control and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems that extend beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). Our teams excel at this new frontier of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) service development. We’ll help you over the many hurdles of BVLOS operations to achieve innovative yet cost-effective, high availability systems. You’ll unlock valuable new UAV services such as surveillance, remote sensing and product delivery. Highly secure control systems will enable robust communication services for the most critical tasks.

Intelligent antennas

Our work is shaping the future of advanced beam forming antennas. In 2020, we announced a remarkable breakthrough: the world’s largest commercial airborne antenna, created to beam 5G connectivity from the stratosphere. Our team includes some of the world’s leading experts in intelligent antenna design. They’re ready to propel full-scale systems into low-cost, high-volume commercial production.

This is highly specialised, challenging engineering with vast potential. Beam steering gives non-terrestrial networks ubiquitous coverage – even when tracking fast moving objects like vehicles and aircraft. This technology delivers the intelligent connectivity that maximises data rates and reliability to unlock a host of innovative use cases.

Reducing SWaP in terminals

Our unique blend of in-house IP, silicon and device development expertise enables us to radically reduce the SWaP (size, weight and power) of terminal equipment. By targeting silicon for satellite, we can help you overcome the economic challenge of creating low-cost consumer terminal equipment.

For LEO operators, the market is ready to be seized – by serving low-cost broadband and IoT connectivity to transform communication for millions of people and businesses across the globe.

AI and data analytics

Gathering data is easy; the real challenge is extracting key information from the data and using this to drive value-creating insights. Our skills in AI, data science, business analysis and system implementation will help you achieve this and transform your organisation with system enhancements.

Our approach is geared to accelerate operational improvements – from automation of network management to enhanced customer services, improving link efficiency or achieving automation for tasks such as predicative maintenance.

Secure systems

Connected systems are now enmeshed into our everyday lives and environments. It’s vital we uphold the highest safety and security standards – to protect your communication systems, data and users from outside threats.

We have expert security assessment and technology solution knowhow to ensure maximum resilience. Our vulnerability analysis defines system security requirements to directly mitigate risks, while our robust system design procedures ensure the latest digital security technologies are properly implemented.

We can help you achieve the seemingly impossible

How we work

Our multidisciplined team will support you at every turn, from systems engineering and R&D to verification and test. A passion for excellence characterises every project, whether you need to develop a next-generation LEO service or create a breakthrough in UAVs to redefine your market. Our proven product development process and vast experience in developing resilient systems suit the most ambitious safety-critical projects down to the ground.

Tech, tools & facilities

Anechoic chamber (Stargate Satimo)

Satimo Stargate 64

無響無線・アンテナ試験を行う電波暗室 ”Satimo Stargate 64”は、ヨーロッパでも数少ない施設です。6m立法の空間で、無線デバイスからの電波伝播を自動で三次元測定・視覚化することができ、ウェアラブル技術のテストを人体模型または実際の被験者に対して行うことができます。スマートインプラント(埋め込みテレメトリをなど)、投薬デバイス、ウェアラブルなどの製品開発において、実際にRF性能を確認し最適化することができます。




NVIDIA DGX-1 ディープラーニング スーパーコンピューターや、その他のGPU(Graphics Processing Unit)やFPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array)アクセラレートされたサーバーなど、ペタフロップ規模のコンテナ化された演算インフラを有しています。また、ペタバイト規模のローカルNetAppストレージ、個々のプロジェクト固有のクラウド、および弊社独自の継続的インテグレーションシステムと統合されています。

Prototyping workshops


プロトタイプ生産工場(電子基板・メカ)では、アイデアを実現し、製品価値を説得力をもって実証するプロトタイプを生産しています。試作品は、ISO 9001、ISO 13485、およびISO 14001規制に準拠した極めて高い品質基準を維持しています。最新のCNCおよびフライス盤、旋盤、溶接ギア、ワイヤーハーネス、ケーブルアセンブリツールを使用することにより素早くパーツを製造し、検証作業やユーザートライアル用向けに実物大で動作可能なプロトタイプを組み立てることができます。

Facility Continuous-integration software

Scalable software test facility

Continuous integration (CI) is central to building and delivering high-quality software. Our virtualised CI test facility enables us to test complex software at scale, with or without hardware in the loop, to identify problems earlier and fix them faster. It provides a clean, isolated virtual build environment, pre-loaded with industry-leading tools such as Coverity static analysis. CI testing is integrated with our version control, enabling every software revision to be automatically built, tested on real hardware and analysed.



5G’s future is hybrid – the non-terrestrial opportunity

2021年 05月 11日

5G architecture will be like nothing seen before, combining terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks (NTNs) – including high-altitude platforms and low earth orbit satellites. 

This paper explores the emerging technology that will unlock the full potential of NTNs and examines the commercial opportunities, which will create value for everyone in the ecosystem.  

  • Connectivity & IoT
  • Radio systems

Cambridge Consultants building the world’s largest commercial airborne antenna

2020年 11月 2日

Cambridge Consultants working in collaboration with Stratospheric Platforms Ltd unveils a wireless antenna unlike anything seen before, delivering affordable 5G connectivity from a fleet of zero-emissions aircraft. 



2020年 09月 17日


  • 機械学習&AI
  • 音声&画像処理
  • コネクティビティ&IoT
  • エレクトロニクス& ASIC
  • 信号処理

Flylogix and Cambridge Consultants to send drones beyond the horizon

2020年 07月 16日

Flylogix will exploit Iridium’s state-of-the-art satellite communications to enable unmanned aerial vehicles to perform remote monitoring of offshore installations.



オカド・スマート・ プラットフォームで実現した ワイヤレス ブレークスルー

世界中の オンラインスーパーに 変革をもたらす、 世界初の 無線通信システムの 設計





Iridium Extreme satellite phone

The first truly global ‘Push-To-Talk’ mobile communications system


Ofcom: review of developments in IoT

Independent analysis to inform future regulatory priorities and forecasts



MWC 2021

2021年 06月 28日 - 2021年 07月 1日
Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

Join us at MWC 2021, the largest mobile event in the world. We're bringing our team of experts from across high performance communications, service innovation and connected devices.


Connect (X) 2021

2021年 10月 4日 - 2021年 10月 7日
Hyatt Regency, Orlando, FL

Connect (X) is North America’s largest conference and trade show for the Connectivity sector, uniting the industry to deliver infrastructure solutions for universal connectivity.


Scaling Advanced Drone Operations: Creating Value Through Innovation

2021年 05月 18日

Advanced drone operations and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) will transform the business world as we know it. This webinar will explore what is required for advanced drone operations to be successful, and provide practical advice to those that are exploring or planning deployments for business advantage.