Event | Realizing the vision of LEO satellite connectivity

  • Stewart Marsh, Head of Aerospace, Cambridge Consultants
  • Luc Perard, Senior Vice President, IoT Business, Eutelsat
  • Ken Peterman, Founder & CEO, SpyGlass Group (moderator)

The new space race is on. Pioneers like Eutelsat, SpaceX and OneWeb are beginning to deploy Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite networks to connect all corners of the planet with broadband and IoT services, and others like AST SpaceMobile and Amazon are set to follow.

Excitement reverberates around the prospect of ubiquitous connectivity, with cellular coverage direct from satellites to standard IoT devices and ultimately, even smartphones.

The big question is – how do we as an industry ensure such promise is turned to commercial reality?

In this webinar you will hear how Eutelsat’s new global IoT services will enable objects to transmit data irrespective of their location, demonstrating the synergy between terrestrial networks and satellite technology.

You will also discover the breakthrough technologies helping LEO operators unlock more value, including:

  • The edge compute platforms on board satellites that will optimise performance, reduce latency, and enable automated service monitoring
  • The increasing role of AI and automation as networks evolve and deal with the dynamic nature of RF environments
  • And the phased array antenna innovations that optimize performance

This webinar is infused with insight from Eutelsat and the 900-strong team of world-class scientists and engineers at Cambridge Consultants. Don’t miss it.

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Stewart Marsh
Head of Aerospace, Cambridge Consultants

Stewart helps companies achieve technology breakthroughs that unlock transformative business value, including a world-first Push-to-Talk satellite service and a beyond visual line-of-sight UAV solution using low power satellite technology. He has 20 years’+ experience in aerospace and telecommunications. Stewart holds a BSc in Computer Science and Electronics and is a Chartered Engineer.

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