After two years of global disruption, companies are impatient to find new ways to make their business more effective and efficient.

Synthetic data and simulation for real-world business advantage

Supply chain problems plus the twin challenges of labour shortages and rocketing consumer demand – coupled with technological advances that can deliver results faster – have refocused efforts on automation and autonomy. But the development cost of such systems is a source of increasing frustration.

This is where intelligent simulation can help. We say intelligent because a simulation is only as good as its approximation to the real world… its ‘equivalence’ in technical terms. Once you have good equivalence you can assess the performance of your navigation and object detection algorithms with confidence, using less real-world data in turn.

Crucially, less data collection means less time and less associated cost, bringing the promise of autonomy within reach.

Scroll down to watch our video revealing a solution we’ve developed to meet these challenges or learn more about how automation and autonomy are being used to transform industry.

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