Artificial intelligence is a transformative technology with limitless potential and the potency to disrupt every conceivable real-world sector.

AI Summit London showcased the latest AI technology developments and practical real-world applications of intelligent machines for some of the world’s leading brands.

As a lead sponsor of the event – the Cambridge Consultants artificial intelligence team were there in force. Below are some of the highlights.  
This year we’ve seen AI models putting images and language together, the top performing models are now on a par with human abilities” 
Tim Ensor, Commercial Director
Cambridge Consultants 

AI's commercial successes in 2022 

Speaker | Tim Ensor, Commercial Director 

As Chair of AI Summit London for the fifth time, Tim opened the event by unveiling the breakthrough artificial intelligence developments and commercial successes of AI applications in 2022.

In this video, Tim looks at what the industry can achieve by working together towards a future of artificial intelligence and machine learning models and applications unconstrained by current thinking. 

I love working at the intersection of technology and people. I firmly believe that AI used responsibly in business can lead to flourishing economies” 
Dr Maya Dillon, Head of AI EMEA
Cambridge Consultants 

The next wave of AI Innovation: rethinking business 

Speaker | Dr Maya Dillon, Head of AI EMEA

Dr Maya explored sustainability and the new landscape shaped by creative AI solutions in her keynote. She then put forward her vision for business growth that delivers the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet. 

AI-powered technology will be pivotal in driving and defining your next generation of services

How AI is revolutionising R&D at Unilever 

Speaker | Alberto Prado, VP Digital Innovation – R&D at Unilever

One highlight was when Alberto Prado unveiled how AI is transforming how Unilever innovates. We learnt how data, high-performance computing and machine learning algorithms are making innovation possible - from predicting consumer trends and translating insights into requirements, to designing novel formulations.

Tim joins Alberto on stage (22:30) to discuss the critical role of partnerships in supporting this program of work. 

Key trends in AI – the inside-track

Tim and Maya reflect on their highlights from the event this year. From the development of advanced AI-based technologies, to scaling proof of concept projects and the drive towards human-centric AI, the event didn’t disappoint.  

Maya Dillon

My manifesto for AI-enabled sustainable business growth 

Maya Dillon spoke to AI Business ahead of the event about how artificial intelligence is ready to drive a more sustainable yet commercially successful future. 

Our team is using machine learning and advanced analytics to help our clients deliver world-changing innovations

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Ram Naidu

Ram Naidu

Senior Vice President, AI

Maya Dillon - Round image

Dr Maya Dillon

Head of AI, EMEA

Tim Ensor

Commercial Director

Dr Sally Epstein

Head of Strategic Technology

Will Addison

Will Addison 

Group Leader, Algorithms and Analytics

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President, North America

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Colin Campbell

Vice President of Engineering

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Head of Intelligent Healthcare

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David Berman

Senior AI Consultant

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AI has only reached adolescence – everything will change when machines learn to learn

2021年 02月 19日

Many believe that even Einstein started out with tabula rasa, a clean slate. An absence of innate, preconceived ideas or predetermined goals. Just like machines in fact...

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昨今、リモートでの診断およびモニタリングの需要は 遠隔医療ソリューションの発展を促進しています。遠 隔医療の拡大によりデータ量が急激に増加し、トレードオフを考慮する必要が出 てきました。

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