The annual CW International Conference (CWIC) is a must-attend conference for business leaders in the wireless industry. Each year it attracts hundreds of Founders, Directors and C-Suite Executives to network and influence the topical issues of the industry.

Cambridge Consultants’ Michelle Lim, senior behavioural scientist, will be presenting the view that the key value of the metaverse is in providing a digital-physical bridge that can augment our real-world lives, and as a bonus, enable currently impossible experiences. However, challenges abound, including a shallow understanding of how virtual human-to-object and human-to-human interactions can meaningfully impact our physical, psychological (cognitive and emotional), and social lives. She will discuss our thoughts in this space, drawing inspiration from Cambridge Consultants’ innovative and multidisciplinary groups.

A key value of the metaverse – as a digital-physical bridge for human physical, psychological and social augmentation

The metaverse, the broad term for a confluence of technologies that together deliver a spectrum of experiences, has arguably arrived. However, the general population has yet to experience its technological advancements. For many consumers and organisations, the value the metaverse can or should provide is still unclear, and this is compounded by a fear of the unknown – why should one access an immersive, persistent virtual space when we’ve thus far lived without?

Date | 2 November 2022
Time | 12:05pm - 13:05pm GMT
Speaker | Michelle Lin, senior behavioural scientist, Cambridge Consultants

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