Our North America headquarters has moved into more than 30,000 sq ft of space in the Seaport District of Boston, MA – a stretch of the city’s waterfront that is bustling with innovative energy and promising technology investment.

Two Drydock is a statement of intent that reflects our determination to drive growth in this innovative business community and support our continued mission to be a breakthrough technology company.

It is a place of collaboration, where unconstrained thinking is allowed to flourish. A place where our community feels empowered and equipped to tackle some of the toughest innovation challenges and drive transformational success.

Two Drydock is a space worth coming to, an inspiring and engaging environment to be enjoyed, a place for bright minds to innovate together, and for careers to grow. We are thrilled to be able to provide a state-of-the-art workspace where our extraordinary team can deliver substantial and lasting impact for our clients who are leading some of the most ambitious organizations in the world.
Oli Qirko
President, North America
A future unconstrained

The North America office is the embodiment of CC’s vision of a future unconstrained by current thinking, with spacious areas designed to welcome and inspire colleagues, clients, and members of the wider innovation ecosystem.

The surrounding Seaport District is home to technology leaders like Boston Design Center, Shell TechWorks and MassRobotics, and is perfectly placed to embrace equally innovative hotspots like nearby Kendall Square, home of MIT and The Engine venture ecosystem.

The strategy is one of real immersion into the Boston innovation community.

Learn more about our partnership with The Engine, a VC-firm spun out of MIT, to tackle Tough Tech challenges facing start-ups

Two Drydock is a place where community meets hard tech. The new North America HQ is outfitted with state-of-the-art laboratory spaces and cutting-edge equipment.

Human factors workshop

Our Human Factors Workshop is a hub for user-centered design. Our team can meet a variety of client and project needs in this highly adaptable space, such as creating a comfortable home environment for a patient, hosting large client teams for observation of a simulated surgery or discussing strategic product visions with a panel of stakeholders. With this in-house capability, we can conduct user research and obtain product feedback quickly and effectively, to ensure we are constantly keeping users at the forefront of design.

Operating room

Our Digital Operating Room is a unique innovation lab enabling clients and surgeons to collaborate with our R&D teams on transforming the future of surgery. This innovation space supports the development of digital surgery platforms, like next-generation surgical robots and visualization systems, as well as smart implants, and critical care systems. Clients use our Digital Operating Room for strategy and visioning workshops, human factors formative research, concept brainstorming, prototype development, and verification testing of complex medical devices.

Electronics engineering lab

Our Advanced Electronics Lab allows our team to perform rapid prototyping, measurement, testing, and reworking of your device. We can quickly fabricate any test rig or cable assemblies required by a project. Industry standard static protection ensures the safety and reliability of any device on the bench. Our lab is also outfitted with a state-of-the-art anechoic chamber, allowing us to perform a multitude of radio frequency (RF) tests in-house, with no waiting for external facilities or resources. Using this advanced capability, we can fully characterize the RF performance of your wireless device, run compliance testing, and even develop custom antenna designs.

Mechanical lab

Our Mechanical Lab allows the team to prototype effectively and efficiently, cutting down development time from weeks or days to hours. Many of the high use tools, such as the Trotec 120-watt laser cutter or the Polyjet J35 Pro 3D printer, have equivalents in our UK mechanical lab, crucially allowing us to leverage our international presence. Our capabilities are ever-expanding as we identify the unmet needs of our clients and quickly evaluate areas of large technical risk. The mechanical lab fits perfectly into this quickly moving methodology.

Cambridge Consultants believes in a future unconstrained by current thinking and we want to help the world’s most ambitious clients achieve outcomes they thought barely possible. Our superbly equipped new office, in the technology hotspot that is Boston, provides a US base for our world-class technologists to expand the boundaries of innovation. With laboratories in Singapore, the UK and Boston, we can overcome the toughest, most urgent, and essential challenges for our clients wherever they are based in the world.
Eric Wilkinson
The threads that connect us

When assessing colleagues’ priorities in the search for a new office, CC found an overwhelming drive for a sense of ‘community’ – a notion that has been hard-baked into the office and lab space design.

After years of remote working, there was a conscious decision to create a welcoming, creative environment where diverse skillsets are encouraged – and unconstrained thinking is allowed to flourish – alongside likeminded individuals and companies working to change our world through technology.

Meet the North America Leadership Team

Oli Qirko
Oli Qirko
President, North America
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Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell
Senior Vice President, Wireless & Digital Services, North America
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Mike Dunkley
Mike Dunkley
Senior Vice President, Bioinnovation, North America
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We believe that unconstrained thinking can help you create the future you want through radical, new-to-the-world innovation. If you have the ambition, then we can help overcome your toughest business challenges.