Amsterdam Drone Week is the global platform for sharing knowledge on current air solutions, potential innovations and vital regulations.

Meet our team at the event that comprises specialists in UAS service design and business modelling, as well as technical aspects such as wireless communications, radar, semiconductors and cloud deployment.

We’ll be on hand to talk through the issues and help guide you towards safe, regulatory robust, automated beyond-line-of-sight operations – all within the constraints of size, power and weight.

Title | Are multiple self-organised drones the answer to scaling the future of commercial operations?
Date | Wednesday 22 March 2023
Time | 12:30 - 13:30 CET
Moderator | Stewart Marsh 

Stewart Marsh Head of Aerospace, CC will be leading a panel session discussing the latest new-to-the-world-technology break throughs. The session will be focused on the application of multiple self-organised drones and debating if they are the answer to scaling the future of commercial operations? This could enhance our ability to build wide-scale UAS services, including the monitoring of industrial assets, crop inspection, search and rescue, and many more. 

Stewart will be joined by ambitious industry leaders from across the market to discuss real world examples that are redefining the market today.   

Speakers to be announced soon

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