Join the conversation and take part in the cutting edge of ophthalmic innovation at Octane’s Ophthalmology Tech Forum.

Going to the event?

The summit hosts a wide variety of trailblazing individuals, including industry leaders, strategic advisors, entrepreneurs and investors.

Join Luis Diaz-Santana, Head of Ophthalmology, Cambridge Consultants, who will be part of the panel session discussing ‘The changing eyecare industry and the impact on young surgeons’.

This panel will focus on the future of eyecare and what the next generation of young surgeons and industry representatives are facing. The discussion will focus on products and innovations.

Panel | The changing eyecare industry and the impact on young surgeons
Date | Friday 9th June 2023
Time | 4:30 – 5:00pm PST

Luis Diaz Santana, Head of Ophthalmology, Cambridge Consultants
Dagny Zhu, MD, Medical Director and Partner, NVISION Eye Centers

More to be confirmed soon.

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