Cambridge Consultants, part of Capgemini, expands its global innovation partnership with MedTech Innovator (MTI), the world’s leading non-profit accelerator of medical devices.  MTI has over 500 alumni companies totaling more than $6 billion in follow-on funding, with over 200 products launched impacting patient care.  MTI provides best-in-class start ups with opportunities to connect with and receive one-to-one mentorship from healthcare investors, stakeholders, and key decision makers.  

Cambridge Consultants works directly with MTI’s selected emerging companies, providing strategy, technology innovation and product development mentoring to accelerate major milestones and reduce risk. Cambridge Consultants joins program sponsors Johnson & Johnson, Olympus, Siemens Healthineers, Becton Dickinson, Gore, Edwards Lifesciences, RCT Ventures, Teleflex, Enterprise Singapore, and industry supporters APACMed, AdvaMed, and The MedTech Conference

Paul Grand, founder and CEO of MedTech Innovator commented: “Our mission is to improve the lives of patients by accelerating the growth of companies transforming healthcare. Our partners and sponsors play an invaluable part in advancing innovation with their expertise and industry knowledge. We are pleased to expand our partnership with Cambridge Consultants in both our US and Asia Pacific programs and look forward to accelerating promising companies and technologies that can impact patients’ lives globally.” 

Judging medtech start ups 

Cambridge Consultants’ medtech leadership team has been busy this spring judging over a hundred start ups in live pitch events across Los Angeles, Baltimore, Singapore and Dublin.  The Los Angeles pitch event kicked off the 2023 MTI program, with nearly 60 companies driving innovation in neurostimulation, organ transplantation, augmented reality in surgery, precision robotics control systems and diabetes care.  Vibrant Baltimore harbor played host to the next pitch event, with another 60 companies covering a wide range of technology innovation, including AI-based intra-operative workflow intelligence, novel cancer therapy systems, interventional cardiology devices and patient rehabilitation platforms.   

After spending time with such a wide range of emerging companies, I left both the Los Angeles and Baltimore pitch events feeling invigorated and optimistic for the future of medtech.  Some of the most transformational start ups were tackling significant unmet needs with novel innovations across smart implants, robotics, digital surgery, critical care, digital health and improved patient experience. I was excited for my colleagues Yan Lin Lye and Gavin Troughton to be judging start ups in Singapore and Dublin! 

Increasing maturity of start ups 

The Singapore pitch event is ongoing with the last of four pitch sessions happening on the 11th May.   Yan Lin Lye, Head of Asia Pacific Medtech, commented: “As we progress in our third year with MedTech Innovator APAC program, we continue to be excited by the innovation coming out of APAC. The quality and increasing maturity of the start ups is gratifying to behold. We are seeing more Western companies choosing to participate in the APAC program to kick start their market entry into the region. We look forward to sharing our global innovation expertise and insights across both US and APAC programs.” 

The Dublin event saw 36 companies from across Europe and further afield pitching for a place in the next MTI program. Attending companies were developing a range of solutions including implants, robotics, tools imaging and monitoring devices to address unmet needs across challenging clinical areas such as cardiac, neuro, GI, oncology and critical care. 

Gavin Troughton, Head of Critical Care, shared, “It was great to see such a breadth of exciting medtech ventures coming through in Europe. These companies are tackling tough technical challenges in order to create compelling offerings, and it was a real honor to be part of a process to help hone their thinking around all aspects of their venture journey.” 

Creative innovation partnerships 

Cambridge Consultants partners closely with leading innovation ecosystems that share our mission to deliver impact to the world’s most pressing challenges.  Creative innovation partnerships will be essential to access and capitalize on scientific progress in emerging technologies.  We have deepened our partnership with MIT’s The Engine, a visionary venture ecosystem tackling the worlds’ toughest technology challenges.  Our APAC team hosts Medtech Connect, an annual innovation forum in Singapore and Japan that brings together the region’s medtech leaders, and invests time with The Actuator, Australia’s National Medtech Accelerator.  Our smart implants team partners with The North America Neuromodulation Society to drive clinical innovation in neurology and neurostimulation, our robotics and digital surgery teams partner with The Hamlyn Symposium to shape the future of patient care, and our ophthalmology team partners with ACSRS on digital ophthalmology innovation.   

MedTech Innovator fuels the vitally important work of accelerating high quality medtech start ups and Cambridge Consultants is proud to continue our global partnership with MTI to help tackle the world's toughest healthcare challenges.  We are looking forward to mentoring this year’s selected start ups, to help nurture and accelerate their growth, and guide their evolution toward the Showcase and Finals Competition for the Asia Pacific at the APACmed forum in November and for the US program at The MedTech Conference in October.    

Rahul Sathe
ラウール サシェ
メディカルテクノロジー事業本部 医療機器イノベーショングループ リーダー