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Leap: The tiny camera that will disrupt intravascular imaging

9th October 2018

‘Leap’ is a watershed moment for intravascular surgery: a single-use, high-definition miniature camera that allows a digital view inside veins and arteries for the first time.

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Cambridge Consultants and CATALOG reveal plans for scalable DNA data encoding machine

2nd October 2018

Data storage consumes cities worth of power and soon won’t meet our data storage needs. We’re building a machine that will use DNA data storage to put the information content of entire data centers into the palm of your hand.

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Award-winning wearable transforms the theme park experience

24th September 2018

We’ve partnered with accesso Technology Group to develop a smart wearable for theme park guests. The device means visitors don’t need to carry cash, keys, or queue for attractions.

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16th October 2018

BlueStack™ launches today, a dual-mode Bluetooth software stack with a unique commercial model. We provide the IP for a one-time fee, creating a customizable platform for connected audio products.

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Cambridge Consultants catapults production of reusable beeswax food wrap

14th September 2018

BeeBee Wraps has developed a beeswax food wrap, a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics. We’ve transformed their business with a process that accelerates production by a factor of 30.

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Cambridge Consultants and Exact Imaging harnessing AI in the fight to detect prostate cancer

6th September 2018

Cambridge Consultants has partnered with Exact Imaging as the two companies work to improve the way prostate cancer is visualized and detected. Early results show real promise.

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AquaML - AIを利用した水道使用量の分析

9th July 2018


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2nd July 2018


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27th June 2018


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Paul BeastallがUK5G諮問委員会の委員に任命

11th May 2018

ケンブリッジコンサルタンツの技術戦略部門ディレクターPaul BeastallがUK5Gの諮問委員会の委員に任命されました。UK5Gは、英国のデジタル・文化・メディア・スポーツ省(DCMS)が支援および出資する機関で、世界規模の研究拠点、テクノロジープロバイダー、投資機関、規制当局、次世代コネクティビティの恩恵をまだ受けていない垂直産業パートナーなど、5Gエコシステムの組織が集結します。

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24th April 2018

ケンブリッジコンサルタンツは、音声区間検出(Voice Activity Detection: VAD)処理を加速するための柔軟性のある世界最小電力IPブロック「Ecoutez」を発表しました。

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20th April 2018



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