Innovation transformation

We understand the mechanics of identifying a great idea and then turning that idea into reality. Our proven approach successfully introduces radical innovation processes for our clients, time after time.

Concept generation

Process improvement

Developing breakthrough products and services requires a close alignment between an organisation’s processes, structure, systems, tools and – most importantly – its culture.

Our engineers, designers and scientists have a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face in delivering innovation. We incorporate our learnings with insight into our clients’ ‘as is’ ways of working to deliver a pragmatic approach that their teams believe in. 


Organising for success

We not only design new processes and systems, we also have the facilitation, training and mentoring expertise to carefully manage and implement cultural as well as organisational change, such as establishing a programme management office (PMO).

We consider the level of technology control, ownership and risk our clients desire and design an approach that empowers them to deliver innovation. 

Front-end creativity

We guide and shape front-end innovation, using our knowledge of the innovation process to advise on and facilitate the creation of breakthrough products and services.

Concept generation

Innovation can manifest itself in many different ways. We combine robust generative research and technical excellence with an invigorating and pragmatic approach, to ensure only viable propositions are taken forward.

It’s a fast-paced, streamlined, highly cooperative process designed to orient innovation in the early stages, delivering a considered set of market-driven, technology-robust options for development. 

Technology scouting

We balance blue-sky creativity with market pragmatism, customer insight and scientific understanding, searching for and assessing approaches to identify not only the most exciting routes but those with the greatest probability of success.

We’re realistic about technology maturity, cutting through the hype to provide an options appraisal grounded in technical and user insight. 

Market relevance

The value of an opportunity is not just a question of technical feasibility, but also commercial viability and desirability to the user.

Our approach is flexible. We identify opportunities for a known technology where our client already understands the segment well or wishes to consider new market applications.

Equally, if a client wants to better understand the market and its stakeholders, or translate insight into technical creativity, we can help bridge the gap, ensuring market relevance and quick realisation. 

Architecture & service design

Innovation exists in services as well as products and, in an increasingly connected world, these concepts are often inseparable. Services rely on efficient interoperation between platforms, data and applications in a secure, reliable and scaleable manner.

We ensure that the end-to-end service, and the networks to deliver that service, meet industry best practice and are adaptable to changing demands and expectations.  


During more than six decades, we have amassed a wealth of multi-disciplinary expertise and a proven track record of delivering breakthrough innovation.

We deliver

We have unrivalled experience managing the innovation process and a deep understanding of our clients’ technical and operational concerns and challenges.

Our multi-disciplinary teams address both challenging consumer requirements and critical business needs, assuring continued alignment with the original ambition for the project, whilst maximising speed, innovation and likelihood of success. 

Relevance by design

We understand that system performance is only ever as valuable as the experience it delivers and have therefore developed thorough generative research and ethnography tools.

These help us define the key market differentiators that will underpin an overall user experience and design intent, allowing us to match it with the most relevant enabling technologies, be they readily available or in need of breakthrough development.  

Beyond incremental

Our processes recognise the value of ‘starting right’. Stakeholder engagement ensures this pivotal support is in place and the innovation objective is clear.

We use a structured decision making process and our proprietary tools to move our clients beyond incremental to capture and nurture step-change ideas. 

Tech, tools & facilities

Innovation Lab

Innovation lab

Dedicated to client workshops and collaborative working, it’s an inspiring and flexible space that adapts to facilitate ideation sessions, problem-solving workshops and design strategy meetings. This is where our project teams and our clients generate concepts, identify new markets for existing technology and develop new business models.

News & insights


캠브리지 컨설턴트는 글로벌 최고의 비영리 스타트업 엑셀러레이터 메드테크 이노베이터(MedTech Innovator)와의 파트너십을 발표하였다.

2021년 07월 13일

캡제미니 그룹의 자회사인 캠브리지 컨설턴트는 오늘 의료기기 업계 글로벌 선두 엑셀러레이터 메드 테크 이노베이터 아태 지사(MedTech Innovator Asia Pacific)와의 협업 프로젝트를 발표했다.


물리적 제품(Physical Product) 기업의 디지털 트렌스포메이션

2021년 08월 26일

디지털 트렌스포메이션은 필연적이다. 뷰티제품부터 세탁기에 이르기까지 전통적으로 물리적 제품에 집중하던 기업들이 디지털화를 시도하고 있다. 디지털화의 최적기는 바로 지금이며 너무 늦지 않은 시점에 경쟁 기업보다 우위를 점할 수 있도록 지금 움직여야 한다. 본 저서는 디지털 변혁을 통해 완전히 새로운 방식의 성장을 추구하는 컨슈머 비즈니스 운영자라면 반드시 읽어야 하는 필독서이다.   

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멀티 모드 R&D를 이용한 시장 출시 가속화 혁신

2020년 08월 26일

세계에서 가장 혁신적인 기업들이 세계에서 가장 큰 R&D 팀을 보유하고 있는 것은 아닙니다. 오히려 자사의 인하우스 역량을 다양한 외부 리소스와 결합하여 활용하고 있습니다.

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인공 지능(AI) 기반의 산업용 사물인터넷(IoT) 을 향하여

2020년 04월 14일

사물인터넷(IoT), 데이터 및 인공 지능(AI)은 이미 다수의 업계에서 무궁 무진한 기회를 얻을 수 있는 시장으로 자리잡았다. 그러나 각 업계별 가치를 최대로 창출할 수 있는 구체적인 분야는 무엇이며, 그 기회를 잡을 수 있는 방법은 어떤것일까?

  • 머신 러닝 & AI
  • 클라우드/스케일러블 시스템
  • 커넥트비티 & 사물인터넷(IoT)
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