Anticipating problems, optimising design

A thorough analysis of fluids and thermodynamic behaviour at the start of the design process is crucial. By understanding how heat will flow and how fluids and gases will interact with the proposed system, the time and cost of iteration and testing can be greatly reduced.

We use our expertise to ensure appropriate device specifications and optimise heat transfer in relation to critical components – an increasingly complex challenge as consumer products and batteries become ever smaller.

Medical technology

Our expertise in fluids and thermodynamics empowers our medical technology clients to overcome complex challenges, including:

- Thermal problems of amplifying DNA during PCR (polymerase chain reaction)

- Blood separation to identify CTCs (circulating tumour cells) during cancer diagnosis and treatment

- Liquid biopsy for clinical diagnostics

- Extracting gas out of a liquid (e.g. extracting air out of a drug prior to injection)

- Aerosol science, including liquid nebulisers, sprays and inhalers


By taking a fresh look at traditional bulk manufacturing methods, we found a way of producing microcapsules continuously with real-time control of the process.

This new technique for creating microcapsules on demand is more efficient and cost-effective, eliminating the need to produce a full batch. This provides huge flexibility and personalisation opportunities for manufacturers, as well as the promise of increased process control, yield and agility.


Cutting-edge pedigree

Few technology projects we encounter are free of fluid or thermodynamic considerations. Consequently, our expertise dates back almost as far as Cambridge Consultants itself. One of the earliest examples of our success in this field is inkjet printing, from which we created numerous spin-out companies in the 1980s, including Domino and Xaar.

As computing power has increased, our ability to quickly carry out studies using advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) has continually improved so that, today, we are able to combine our deep scientific understanding and experience in the field with cutting-edge technology and facilities.

Broad, impartial expertise

Our multidisciplinary teams bring experience in nanofluidics, microfluidics and multiphase fluidics, with particular strengths in aerosol generation at a range of temperatures. We have also made significant investments in DNA liquid aerosols and nebulisers.

As an agnostic technology partner, we provide our clients with an informed yet impartial view of all available technologies and applications.

Tools, tech & facilities


ANSYS tools

We’re experts in applying computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tools, including CFX and Fluent, to conduct finite element analysis (FEA).

미세 유체(Microfluidics) 연구실

미세 유체(Microfluidics) 연구실

캠브리지 컨설턴트의 미세유체(Microfluidics) 연구실은 클린 환경에서 폴리디메틸실록산(PDMS: Polydimethylsiloxane) 미세유체 장비를 단시간 내에 프로토타이핑 할 수 있도록 구성되어 있습니다.  당사는 최신 현미경을 통해 기능 검사 카트리지에 대해 육안 검사를 실시하며 Spraytec 레이저 회절 시스템을 이용하여 입자 크기 분포를 측정합니다.  

News & insights


캠브리지 컨설턴트, 인공호흡기 초고속 제조에 성공

2020년 05월 19일

영국 정부의 요청에 따라 캠브리지 컨설턴트가 설계 및 개발한 코로나 19 치료용 최신 인공 호흡기 벨로치벤트(Veloci-Vent) 오늘 공개

covid ventilator summary

캠브리지 기업들 코로나 19 (COVID-19) 발생으로 인한 인공 호흡기 부족 사태 해결을 위해 손잡다.

2020년 03월 31일

영국 정부가 전문 의료 기기 개발의 선두 기업들에게 최대한 빠른 시일 내에 인공 호흡기를 개발 및 제조해 줄 것을 요청 했다.


캠브리지 컨설턴트의 핵심 기술이 세계 최초 FDA 승인 가정용 COVID-19 자가진단 테스트 키트 중심에 있습니다.

2021년 01월 22일

디지털 진단 기업 엘룸(Elume)사가 개발한 가정용 COVID-19 항원 테스트는 캠브리지 컨설턴트의 핵심 기술을 담고 있다. FDA 승인을 받은 자가 진단 테스트가 글로벌 팬데믹 시대에 판도를 바꿀 수 있는 혁신의 선두 주자가 될 수 있는지 자세히 알아보기

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