Harnessing the science of synthetic biology and best-in-class automation to turn organic waste into high-protein fish food


As the world’s population continues to grow, so too does the demand for food, particularly sources of protein. Insects are recognised as a potential protein source which can be grown using waste food.

However, in the developed world, there is no equipment or infrastructure in place to re-use waste to grow insects for food. 


We helped Entomics Biosystems develop a concept to grow black soldier fly larvae using food waste, working closely with them to understand user needs and the detailed process to grow the larvae.

We then ran a series of creative workshops with our automation experts to generate ideas and rank them against the needs. By combining ideas we created a complete end-to-end concept using as much off-the-shelf equipment as possible. This concept allowed Entomics to secure further funding to grow their business. 


The system we developed is fully automatic: food waste is put in at one end and trays of mature larvae are taken from the other for processing into fish food. This provides the necessary infrastructure to re-use food waste economically and efficiently.

The system is designed for modularity and flexibility, and can be installed in a range of organic waste contexts.