Our whitepaper looks at the potential of bioplastics and in particular PHA. We've evaluated a range of biopolymers that can be created from sustainable sources and identified materials which are suitable for use in even the most challenging applications, such as a single use coffee pods and microwave food tray. To date, the uptake of bioplastics in food service has been limited by technical performance at high temperatures, cost and limited supply. But the 'tunable' properties of PHA opens the doors to a range of applications previously limited to conventional plastics. As sustainability becomes a higher profile item on corporate agendas, alternatives to conventional plastics are becoming more sought after, as are the implication for manufacturing.

As an example of the art of the possible we've designed a range of biodegradable plastic products, all served up on a bioplastic tray.

For further information about the report, read the press release.

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Catherine Joce

Catherine is a Consultant in the Strategy, Innovation and Process group, focussed identification and implementation of strategic opportunities for sustainable innovation.