We helped Ocado transform warehouse automation with another world-first in radio design.

We often ask ourselves what innovation truly means. It’s an important question for any ambitions business to consider as history has shown that a revolution in technology brings far greater benefits than an evolution to a legacy technique.

The question is particularly pertinent in today’s market where advances in technologies, such as AI and the IoT, can enable a business to approach problems in radically new ways, creating completely new processes and business models.

Of course, new technology alone will not establish a successful long-term strategy. Investment projects must have a vision of where technology can take their market and an understanding of the drivers behind this, be that more automation, utilization of wireless communications, or integration of new AI techniques.

A great example of a company thinking big like this is Ocado, who over the last week has seen their share price soar by as much as 80% after announcing an exclusive contract to license its ground-breaking automated warehouse technology to Kroger.

When developing their technology, Ocado didn’t restrict their thinking to a series of improvements to the human picking process, they had the vision to completely reinvent the warehouse environment. Thinking big enabled Ocado to develop a revolutionary robotic warehouse, leveraging the latest technology to control thousands of automated picking machines.

We feel privileged to have worked alongside Ocado on this project and proud to have helped them develop a warehouse wireless control system that is now the most densely packed mobile network in the world. Our technology has enabled Ocado to control and co-ordinate the movements of hundreds of thousands of crates containing millions of grocery items, in real time and in parallel. 

In taking the decision to truly innovate and disrupt a latent market, Ocado created an exceptionally strong leadership position. This not only brought benefits to the business that we have seen this week, but has also created a first to market platform that can deliver long-term success.

With so many markets yet to fully appreciate the opportunities of new technologies, who will be the next business leader to think big?

Chris Wright
Divisional Marketing Manager - Wireless Digital Services Division

Chris has a marketing background in the telecoms sector and now specialises in technical marketing for wireless technology and digital services.