We're excited to be showcasing three visionary technology demonstrations at CES 2019, with Synapse (a Cambridge Consultants company). Join us in Las Vegas to experience and interact with these demonstrations, speak to leading experts in their field and discover how we apply market insight and technical expertise to transform our clients’ businesses.

Artificial Intelligence: seeing clearly in the real world

We’ll reveal DeepRay, the AI platform that can "see" and "repair" distorted and partially obscured images in real time. DeepRay can be used in automotive applications to restore damage, perhaps caused by rain or dirt, from an array of automotive sensors, such as cameras, radar, LIDAR and ultrasonics. This is a deep learning-based technology that has been trained to understand what distortion looks like, in order to remove it from sensor input data, and further demonstrates the revolutionary impact of AI for practical, real-world applications.

Intuitive interaction: the path to ‘zero UI’

As the line between the digital and physical worlds blurs, people are demanding new ways to interact with digital technology without being bounded by small touch screens and laptops. At CES we'll show a glimpse into a world where our digital assistants really understand us. Gerard, the contextually-aware robotic assistant, demonstrates a completely reimagined user interface, by combining Artificial Intelligence, voice and gesture recognition, 3D mapping, and spatial awareness. We are developing a robot that enables these kinds of experiences. The big idea is to interact with the physical world as you would with a friend, referencing objects and locations around you in an entirely new way.

Sensing & insight: the future of clinical & consumer trials

Verum is a digital health platform that will reshape the way healthcare is delivered. The platform remotely monitors patients and provides machine learning-driven predictions around conditions or disease states. Verum’s initial test application focuses on clinical trials, where huge efficiencies can be achieved by identifying and mitigating the effect of patient stress on trial outcomes. Within the consumer space, Verum can enable consumer brands to gain measured, quantitative insights into the use of products during trials. This could accelerate the product development process and provide new insights to spark innovation.

RIP the clinical trials of yesteryear

Date: 8th January 2019
Time: 4:35pm
Speaker: Jaquie Finn

Jaquie Finn, Head of Digital Health at Cambridge Consultants will be speaking on Day 1 of the Digital Health Summit as part of “Which Technologies Will Fuel Healthcare’s Future?"

Rising costs, unpredictable timelines, patient recruitment and patient adherence - just a few of the tremendous challenges that clinical trials must overcome to be successful. Pharma companies continue to face these never-ending, ever-growing financial and reputational pressures and are crying out for a more efficient, cost-effective solution to this critical stage of drug development.

Not surprisingly, they are actively investing in leading-edge technologies to yield this competitive edge. Jaquie will share her powerful insights on how technology - more specifically, data analytics, device and wearable connectivity, blockchain, and AI - will intervene and transform the clinical trials of yesterday into “well-oiled machines” for superior drug development and next-generation treatments for disease.

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Intelligent Health 2019

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