Vertical farming promises a step change in production density, providing significant efficiency savings with the additional benefit of improved product quality. Vertical farming also presents the only viable option for growing crops within urban environments where geographic footprint is limited and demand for just-in-time delivery of produce ever increasing. However while capital investment in large vertical farms delivers economies of scale, operating costs dominate the total cost of ownership.

In this new whitepaper, Roger Mainwaring-Burton explores real time crop sensing, air management and crop manipulation, showing how the use of off-the-shelf systems designed for other purposes doesn’t always provide a long-term solution. Treating a vertical farm as a complete ecosystem allows for a more efficient, cost effective and connected solution to be constructed, further enhancing crop production per square foot.

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Roger Burton
Roger Mainwaring-Burton
Associate Director

Roger is an expert in multi-phase fluids handling systems, having lead development of multiple consumer and medical products. He specialises in the application of technologies with harsh requirements and the integration of multiple engineering and design disciplines.

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