Arm TechCon showcases the latest advances in Arm’s technology, from silicon design and software development, to security, IoT solutions and AI.

Going to Arm TechCon?

As an Approved Arm Design partner, we’ll meet clients at the event to discuss how our unique combination of expertise across IP, silicon and product development, can help achieve their optimal solution and deliver lasting business impact.

Disrupt your market by pushing the limits of silicon

Date | 10 October 2019
Time | 11:30am – 12:20pm
Location | Room 210A
Speakers | Robert Milner, Head of Smart Systems, Cambridge Consultants and Chris Shore, Director, Product Marketing, Arm

There is growing appetite from ambitious OEMs to develop transformative products that offer a competitive advantage.

This will see more varied and complex functions being pushed to the edge in ways we have never seen before.

But how do semiconductor companies meet this demand and how do OEMs make the necessary trade-offs in chip design that are essential in realising their vision?

Under these conditions, the fundamental business principles of semiconductor chip design are no longer relevant. How does the industry break the mould and push the parameters of low power, low cost and functionality to the extreme?

In this talk, Cambridge Consultants and Arm will break down chip design, highlighting elements that can become a needless drain on resources and emerging techniques in ASICs. Come and hear about the new techniques and technologies which are pushing the limits of ultra-low cost and ultra-low-power silicon to the extreme.

This is an essential talk for semiconductor companies and OEMs looking to open new business models and disrupt their markets.

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