Automotive experts from Cambridge Consultants will join nearly 9,000 decision-makers, engineers, and R&D professionals at WCX 2020 to shape the future of mobility.

Going to WCX 2020?

Alongside the brightest minds from across the mobility engineering spectrum, the event will include expert-led technical education and networking to foster collaborations on the global mobility solutions shifting the industry.

Where are we in using connectivity for vehicle safety?

Date 21 April 2020
Time 13:15 – 14:30
Speaker Oli Qirko, SVP, Cambridge Consultants

Connected technologies are starting to proliferate into the automobile for consumer-driven applications, but how and when will they begin to improve the safety of your drive home? 

Oli joins a panel of automotive leaders from FCA, Robert Bosch, Xilinx and Qualcom to provide insights on connected technology business models for vehicle safety—including emerging technologies on V2X, IoT, and AI

Additional discussions will include the economic tipping points for automotive manufactures and consumers and how mobile technology developers, human factors designers, and entrepreneurs fit into this new equation.

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