Date | 13th July 2020
Time | 14:00 BST | 15:00 CEST | 09:00 EDT (duration, 60 minutes)

Join the webinar

Sally Epstein, Head of Strategic Technology at Cambridge Consultants is joining Refinitiv and Harlequins on a webinar that explores the following topics:

  • Harlequins' Head of Sports Science, Tom Batchelor, will explain the approach they take to gathering and applying data-based analysis and the results they’ve seen
  • The panel will discuss the similarities and differences in how data is used in the markets and in rugby
  • We’ll look at the challenges faced in leading teams to become “data-driven”
  • This webinar will explore what approaches individuals and organisations can take to make best use of data

Speaker | John Lee, Business Development Director, Refinitiv [Moderator]

Speaker | Geoff Horrell, Director of Innovation, London Lab, Refinitiv

Speaker | James Horwill, former Australia & Harlequins Captain

Speaker | Tom Batchelor, Head of Sports Science, Harlequins

Speaker | Sally Epstein, Head of Strategic Technology, Cambridge Consultants

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