Today… getting your product to market first is more important than ever!!! In fact, it is vital for the survival your organisation’s future!!! 

Synthetic data and simulation for real-world business applications

But, how do you reduce the cost and accelerate your product development process? Now, there are number of ways to achieve that, but one that we at Cambridge Consultants have been looking into is the use of synthetic data and simulated environments. Using these environments in your product development process doesn’t just cut time to market and reduce cost. It enables you to work with data that in the real world may be difficult, dangerous or even prohibitively expensive to acquire.  

In this whitepaper we outline the benefits of using synthetic data and simulation to build real world applications. We also reveal some case studies from different industry sectors that have benefitted from using simulated environments… 

I’m Sajith Wimalaratne and I’m the head of Automation and Autonomy here at Cambridge Consultants. I hope you enjoy reading the whitepaper and that it resonates with you, if so, please get in touch 

사지스 위말라랏네 (Sajith Wimalaratne)
자동화 및 자율화 헤드 디렉터 (Head of Automation & Autonomy)

사지스 헤드 디렉터는 스마트 로봇, 신규 센서 및 인공 지능 관련 업무를 담당하고 있는 캠브리지 컨설턴트 자동화 및 자율화 부문을 이끌고 있다. 그는 다양한 분야의 글로벌 대기업들과 새로운 자동화 사업 기회를 모색하는데 집중하고 있다.