Significant investment in vertical farming and controlled environment operations has seen the industry develop commercial-scale operations. The challenge now is around developing the business models for deployment and investment.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Innovations aimed at reducing the cost of production, optimising the growing environment and the breeding of plants best suited to these conditions are attracting significant interest from both conventional growers and newcomers, stimulating further research developments.

The social and economic disruptions of recent months and growing recognition of the benefits of transparent and responsive supply chains is also creating a new dynamic.

Join us at the Controlled Environment Agriculture event as Niall Mottram chairs the panel discussion below: 

Date: February 25th

Time: 14:00 to 15:00 GMT     

Entrepreneurship in Controlled Environment Agriculture: Is it too late to start up and scale?

The scale of global capital flow into CEA and vertical farming companies has been described as “eye-watering” and analysts are keenly awaiting the major exits and return on investment. This session focuses on the potential for new innovations for CEA and explores the existing investor appetite, possible routes to market and the potential to go “beyond babyleaf” as a start-up.

You can find the full agenda here. Visit our booth if you are attending. 



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