This is a significant moment in our story. The launch of a brand vision, purpose and visual identity that captures the true vibrancy of CC. We’ve spent 60 years looking forward – expanding the boundaries of innovation to make a world of difference. As ever, our brand is all about the excitement of what comes next… 
Eric Wilkinson CEO with new signage at Cambridge headquarters

Our CEO Eric Wilkinson says the new brand reflects our heritage but also brings to life the exciting work we do. Cyril Garcia, CEO of Capgemini Invent and Capgemini Invent Group Executive Board Member thinks it signals a commitment to creativity and fresh thinking around business challenges. Our official news alert has more. 

We believe in a future unconstrained by current thinking

How does our vision of a future unconstrained by current thinking resonate with our people? Eric Wilkinson caught up with a talented cross-section of CC colleagues. They drew on their individual passions, inspiration and particular areas of focus to paint a stimulating picture of what lies on the horizon for CC and our clients. 

‘Unconstrained’ is a strong word and a bold statement, but it fits perfectly with the ambition of the Capgemini Group to help shape the future for clients. Here our CCO Richard Traherne discusses the special bond between our respective organisations with Cyril Garcia and Roshan Gya of Capgemini Invent.

Introducing our new brand

The energy and passion of our people is a defining characteristic of CC – but was perhaps lacking in the old brand. Global Marketing Director Neil Gazeley recounts the story of our rebrand project, and explains why it was vital to authentically capture the essence of the company and its people. The result is a strong platform on which to build our future. 

CC is a team of 800 or so brilliant individuals all with a compelling story to tell. But the magic really happens when we unify those stories with the common themes and golden threads that makes CC so distinct and so different from others in the market. Here, colleagues frame the secrets of great brand storytelling from a CC perspective. 

Getting under the skin of the business and identifying what makes us all tick was key to the conception of the new brand. It was the springboard that enabled the team of inhouse designers here at CC to create a marque, logo, palette and visual identity to take the company forward. They sat down to discuss the creative process. 

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