Join the CC team who will be hosting a workshop where Dr Maya Dillon, head of AI, EMEA and Michelle Lin, senior behavioural scientist will be delivering an ‘Introduction to human-centric AI’

AI Fest 5 is a must-attend industry event hosted by The Defence AI Centre and Dstl, focusing on the ethical application of AI and encouraging an audience looking to explore the transformational impact of AI on Defence & Security.

Register below for the workshop and if you haven't already done so register for AI Fest at the link above.

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Workshop | Introduction to human-centric AI

Date | 5th April 2023

Time | 2:00 - 3:00pm 

In this face to face session, participants will:

  • Understand the topic of human-centric AI, including jargon busting
  • Learn how human-centricity differs from current AI implementation approaches
  • Develop an appreciation of why a human-centric approach is important to AI deployment with examples
  • Explore why human-centric AI is relevant now, and discuss future developments
  • Identify what success looks like and the key ingredients for success

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  • 로봇 공학
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