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Farming gets smarter with ‘AI at the edge’

25th June 2019

Introducing Fafaza - a practical example of ‘AI at the edge’. A self-contained agricultural precision spraying system that uses low-cost processors that can identify, classify and apply treatment in real time.

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Medtech Connect Singapore reaches fifth year

21st May 2019

Cambridge Consultants event, in partnership with SGInnovate, places Singapore at the heart of medtech innovation in Asia Pacific

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인간 손 섬세함 닮은 로봇 ‘행크’ 공개

16th May 2019

행크는 인간의 손가락처럼 정교한 감각과 감각체계를 지닌 공압식 로봇 입니다. 올바른 압력을 사용하여 섬세한 물체를 잡을 수있는 인간의 능력을 흉내 낼 수 있습니다.

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Navigation tool for the visually impaired wins iF Design Award

3rd May 2019

Cambridge Consultants wins fifth iF Design Award for Amelie, a smart navigation tool for the visually impaired, guiding and supporting them when using public transport.

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An invitation to explore our complex relationship with technology

10th April 2019

Cambridge Consultants partners with Collusion 2019, creating art from the technologies that promise to change our world. Exhibition opens April 12th, 2019.

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Cambridge Consultants supports UK’s first AI Masters programme

18th March 2019

We’re one of the 11 companies confirmed to support UK government’s initiative, including companies such as DeepMind, Cisco and BAE Systems.

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캠브리지 컨설턴트, 스마트 농업 시대의 자율 로봇 ‘마무트(Mamut)’ 공개

25th March 2019

마무트(Mamut)은 작물 재배지를 탐구하여 방대한 양의 작문을 상태 및 수확량에 대한 세부적인 데이터를 수집합니다. 데이터 캡처를 자동화함으로써 마무트 (Mamut)은 작물 생산에 새로운 효율성을 가져다 줄 것이며 재배자는 수익률을 예측하고 최적화 할 수 있습니다.

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캠브리지 컨설턴트, AI 기반 카페테리아 식기 세척 자율화 시스템‘터보 클린 (Turbo Clean) 공개

4th March 2019

터보 클린(Turbo Clean)은 쟁반위를 청소하고 더러운 접시를 씻는 과정을 자동화합니다. 인공 지능과 로봇 공학을 결합한 터보 클린(Turbo Clean)은 다국적 케이터링 회사를 위해 개발되었습니다.

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Cambridge Consultants staff prepare to run

1st March 2019

Our running contingent is limbering up for the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon, as 40 employees take on the 13-mile course this Sunday. This is the fifth consecutive year that we’ve been a race sponsor.

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The future of technology supply chains: Workshop report now available

22nd February 2019

Our latest report explores how emerging technologies will transform future supply chains. The report is vital reading for all those seeking to understand the rapid advancements that will shape tomorrow’s supply chains.

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리플렉션(Reflexion): 애플리케이션 컨셉, 뷰티 테크의 다음 단계로 기술 향상

20th February 2019

양방향산란분포함수(Bidirectional Scatter Distribution Function, 이하 BSDF)를 이용한 세계 최초 피부 정밀 분석 앱이 연구소에서 진행한 수준의 피부 정밀 분석을 제공한다. 리플렉션은 피부의 “광택도”를 측정하여 개인 맞춤형 뷰티 제품을 추천한다. 

Press release

Cambridge Consultants opens new facility in Singapore

31st January 2019

New regional HQ for Asia reflects business growth and commitment to Singapore as an innovation hub. This new innovation and engineering facility triples the company’s capacity in Singapore.


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